Top 10 Questions When Choosing a Contractor

Asking these questions and getting answers from a contractor you are considering inviting into your home to work will help you make sure you are working with the right people. Are they licensed? What types and how much insurance do they carry? Do they have references relevant to your project? Have they ever been involved […]

Common Pitfalls and Frequently Asked Questions

  Know your budget! One of the biggest disappointments is to not be able to follow through with a project because it is outside of your budget. Know going in what you can spend. Ask advice from an architect or contractor. Know your budget! Do I need an architect? Simple projects, such as remodeling a […]

What’s in a name? Heartwood

Heartwood is the dark colored inner portion of the log. The oldest, strongest and hardest part of the wood. It is used in cabinetry and fine furniture making. The heartwood is considered by many to hold the most beauty; it is rich in color and depth. Heartwood represents the strongest and most durable part of […]